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Curious about what others say about LMH Engineering? About our Recruitment Consultants or about our approach? You can read reviews from our candidates and clients here. We’d also be delighted to hear your feedback on what you liked about our services. Or about what we could improve. If you’d like to share your opinion, please write a review and e-mail it to info@lmhengineering.com

Abdel M. S. empfiehlt Marcel

First of all, I really want to thank you for the great job you did with me. I really want to emphasize about your professionalism in introducing me to the company. The company had a very positive impression about me even before having the Skype interview. You also gave me very beneficial tips that I have used during the interview and helped me express my self and my experience better. Your choice to Schacht Bau as an employer was really attractive for me. The company has long history and they provide their employees with very good experience. Further, they are very friendly and professional. You have also made sure to arrange the transportation and the hotel with the company in a very professional way. After the offer, You have also provided me with very helpful information about living in Nordhausen with comparisons with other German cities.you provided me with everything to make the right choice.

To the last minute, my choice was Schacht bau but the offer in Aachen changed my opinion due to personal reasons knowing that leaving the offer from Schacht bau is a loss for me.

I really want to thank you the time you have invested in me. I really hope to come across again in the future to collaborate together. I want to mention whenever I want to search for a job, I will be more than happy to give this to LMH Engineering and specifically to you.

Oleh P. empfiehlt Su-Jin Lee
Su-Jin Lee of LMH has provided outstanding services in the capacity of a personal recruiter for a permanent position in a very respectable company for me. He was the first recruiter in my 15-years career that has taken my application so seriously as if it was his own job application process. The level of communication, willing to listen and understand the reasons behind my personal choices, involvement and desire to help he demonstrated were unprecedented.

I have my strong doubts that I will ever reach such level of persistence and persuasion in approaching companies on my behalf. That is where you actually need an expert on your side. I thank you Su-jin for taking care of my application process, all the encouragement support and much good advice along the way. I highly recommend Su-jin to everyone who takes his/her career seriously. I have already recommended Su-jin to some of my friends and heard from them similar feedback.

Especially I recommend Su-jin to foreign professionals trying to advance their career in Germany. Language, cultural and tradition barrier is way easier to overcome with someone that professional on your side.